About Us

The Dressy Attic - Founders

Hey! I'm Alessandra (on the right) and my sister, Sharayah, is there on the left. We run the business together, just the two of us. Although, we get lots of help behind the scenes from our Dressy Husbands and Dressy Parents. #thedressybaby thinks she’s helping us but… well, she’s cute so we’ll keep her around ;)

We’ve always been very different; I’m more outgoing and Sharayah is very introverted, I’m an “idea” person and Sharayah is an implementer, Sharayah likes to be behind the scenes and I like to meet people and make connections. We’ve always worked well together because we are so different. I remember being 8 or so years old and convincing my sister to decoupage leopard print wrapping paper onto the base of my boring lamp so that it would match my bedspread. It looked awesome! After that, we always joked that I was the “dreamer” and she was the “doer” and we still stay true to those titles to this day.

We often get asked how long we’ve had the business for and how we came up with such a great idea. Well, I really wish the business concept was my idea but I’ll have to give that credit to the original owner of The Dressy Attic – Kristy. We took over the business from Kristy in June of 2017.
Rewind 6 months, Sharayah had consigned her wedding dress with Kristy. Kristy had informed Sharayah that, yes, the house and business were for sale but the business would stay local.
Fast forward 3 months, I’m having a panic attack after finding out that I’m pregnant, crunching numbers to see how long we’ll survive for without me working until we die of starvation (I was self-employed so no maternity leave for me). Sharayah encourages me to consign my wedding dress at The Dressy Attic and mentions that the lady is selling the business but it’ll stay local. My calculations tell me that I could take about 3 months off work and then I would have to leave my precious baby and go back to work full-time.
I’m so not okay with this so my mind starts going a hundred miles an hour figuring out how I can sacrifice my 3-month self-given “maternity leave” and instead invest it in something that would allow me to stay home with my baby indefinitely.
And boom.
I remember.
I ask my sister: “What was the name of that place you consigned your wedding dress at?”
“The Dressy Attic, why don’t you consign your dress there?”
“Why don’t we buy the business instead?”

So, here we are, just two sisters, living life, loving local, meeting the needs of our community and in turn making ends meet, lovin’ on this little baby (the reason we do what we do) and offering free baby snuggles with every appointment. Book one with us, we’d love to meet you, introduce you to #thedressybaby, and help you find a dress for your next dressy occasion.

**Update!** #dressybaby#2 joined us November of 2019 and #dressybaby#3 joined us July 2022!