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We have a cozy, boutique-styled studio located in Chilliwack, BC where you'll be attended to by one or two dress consultants.

To book your appointment, contact us with your preferred dates and times and *bonus points* if you send us a list of the dresses you would like to try on from our website in your size range (see FAQ for sizing).

text or call: 604-615-7600

COVID Update: We are taking appointments at this time. We strongly suggest that you and your guests (limit 1-2) wear a mask.


What is my dress size?
Dress size (UK size) is typically two sizes up from your street size (US size). For example, if you usually wear a size 4, your dress size will be an 8 (4 is your US size and 8 is your UK size). Then you will want to look in a range of a size up and down from your dress size (size UK 6-10 for this example).

What kind of payment do you accept?
Cash, cheque, or e-transfer. We can also work out a payment plan if needed, although you won’t be able to have the dress or get alterations done until it’s all paid off.

I don't live locally, can I order online and have the items shipped to me? 
Yes. We don't have our website set-up for online purchasing but you can contact us through email to let us know which dresses you'd like to purchase and then we can arrange to have you pay for them via e-transfer after we get your measurements to make sure the dress will most likely fit you. Shipping rates will depend on your location. All sales are final.

What are your hours?
Our hours are flexible. We book by appointment only so as long as a time works for both of us, we’re golden. We generally book appointments between 10:00am-7:00pm but can be flexible there, too, if needed.

Do you buy dresses?
Sorry, we won’t buy your dress but we will sell it for you on consignment.

Do you rent out dresses?
No. But consider purchasing from us and then you can contact us about consigning the dress with us after your event.

How does consignment work?
We sell your dress for you and then split the sale once the dress sells. You can find the detailed process here:

What percentage do you take with consignment?
We only take 40%, leaving you with the majority of the sale.

Do you take special occasion dresses (bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride, gala)?
Yes we do, although our focus is mainly wedding and prom so we are selective with special occasion dresses that we choose to accept.

Do you consign veils/belts/head pieces/hair pieces/jewellery/shoes?
Veils and belts sell well. Accessories and shoes – not so much. So, again, we’re selective as to what we’ll accept. Worth sending a picture though!

What will you list my dress at?
Approximately half of what you originally paid for it. A little more or a little less depending on the condition, age of dress, size, style, etc.

Does my dress have to be dry cleaned?
Not necessarily. It needs to be visibly clean. We offer a cleaning service. We will assess in person at your appointment. For a full clean, we will swap the percentage of the sale of the dress (60% to us instead and 40% to you – this still works out to be more affordable than going to a dry cleaner in most cases). 

My dress has a rip in it, will you accept it?
As long as it isn’t visible on the outside of the dress.

Do I have to book an appointment to drop off a dress for consignment?
Yes. Everything is by appointment only.

Where are you located?
We moved the business to Chilliwack in July of 2019 (it was in Abbotsford before that, and Mission before that... we purchased this time so we're in a permanent space now! No more moving - we promise!).

I consigned my dress with the previous owner, is my dress still with the business?
Yes, they’re safe and sound with us. We even tuck them in at night ;) 

How long do you keep dresses for?
We keep the dress here for a minimum of a year, at that point we reassess. As long as they’re trendy and getting requested, we’re happy to keep them here until they sell.

How long will it take for my dress to sell?
Some dresses sell within weeks (even before they’re up on the website) and some take a few years. Because we’re not like typical stores that can order in a specific size of a specific dress for someone, it’s a matter of finding that perfect match – style-wise, size-wise, and budget-wise. It’s kind of like finding a spouse. It doesn’t matter how pretty and wonderful you are, some people will get married really quickly and some take years to find their perfect match.

Why isn’t my dress up on the website yet?
We do inventory every 2-4 weeks. If you happen to consign with us right after we’ve done a batch, it could take up to a month to see it on the website. However, we will still show your dress during any appointments that request the size range that your dress is in even if it’s not on the website yet.

It’s possible that your dress is, in fact, on the website but you just can’t find it. Try searching for the brand name in the search bar on our website and see if it comes up that way.

Can I pop in to browse your dresses?
All our browsing is done on the website. Send us a list of the names of the dresses you would like to try on at your appointment and we’ll have them ready for you.